Sunday, September 20, 2009

New Blog Schedule

I want to apologize to my blog subscribers and readers. I haven't done a very good job in the past in keeping the pages up-to-date. Truthfully, I have sometimes felt lost, not knowing what direction to take with this whole "blogging" thing. 

I believe God has called me to write, therefore, I asked Him for ideas about topics. I have several different interests and don't want my blogs to seem like they are all over the place. Then it hit me. 

"Duh," I heard God say, "why not include all the areas I've spoken to you about with your ministry, "Writing for God's Glory." (By the way, does God talk like that to other people? I mean the "duh" thingee, or have I been a secluded writer too long?)

Beginning tomorrow, I plan to post a blog daily (except for long holidays, my birthday, days I sleep in, whenever I just don't feel like it, Saturdays and Sundays.) Isn't it just like God to give me an outline? (He's so organized!) 

  1. On Mondays, God and I will post a short Bible study.
  2. Tuesdays, look for book reviews and interviews with Christian authors.
  3. Wednesday’s blog will be short topics of interest to writers. Lots of writing and editing tips that I hope also benefit those who are not writing to be published.
  4. On Thursday, I'll share a short devotional, usually taken from everyday happenings. 
  5. Fridays will be "Hodge-Podge-Blog.” No telling what you'll find that day. I’m thinking of items of interest, skits, drama, things going on in my world, and a few topics that could easily be labeled, "Humor Me, Please." 

All blogs, no matter the daily schedule, will be for the purpose of promoting God's glory. I want this blog to be an endeavor between God, you, and me. I'm trusting God to give me the directions and I ask that you pray for me to always have a listening ear and be obedient. In addition, I ask that my readers hold me responsible for diligently posting to this blog. I want you to hold me accountable. 

 Ok. . .see you tomorrow for our first Bible study together.