Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Book Review - Beyond Death's Door by Maurice Rawlings, M.D.

Book Review
Beyond Death’s Door by Maurice Rawlings, M.D.
Review by Judy Vandiver
© 2009 by Judy Vandiver

Another old book from my bookshelves. One I’ve read several times, loaned to friends, had it returned, and read again. The subject matter: New Evidence of the Existence of Heaven and Hell.

Author Dr. Maurice Rawlings was an atheist until dying and dead patients, convinced him of the reality of heaven and hell. In Beyond Death’s Door, Rawlings recounts several incidents where he has resuscitated patients who have had what is commonly termed “near-death” experiences. Rawlings, however, refers to them as “after-death” experiences. He tells of the repeated similarities told by patients of what happened when they died.

In today’s market, many who share incidents of “near-death” or “after-death” give the account of a pleasant life-after-death experience. Rawlings, however, has had the opportunity of witnessing patients experience horrifying events as they literally succumbed to hell.

Dr. Rawlings writes: “I was resuscitating a terrified patient who told me he was actually in hell. He begged me to get him out of hell and not to let him die. When I fully realized how genuinely and extremely frightened he was, I too became frightened. Subsequent cases with terrifying experiences have burdened me with a sense of urgency to write this book. Now I feel assured that there is life after death, and not all of it is good.”

Not only does Rawlings give many accounts that sustain his new beliefs, but he also includes information on how to be sure you are going to heaven rather than hell, how to deal with the dying, and how to properly administer CPR.

If you have ever wondered about the validity of life-after-death, I urge you to purchase a copy of this book and read it through. Many people who might not read a Bible, are interested in this topic. Maybe get a few extra copies for gifts. It’s a great way to bring the reality of hell to a lost and dying world.

The copy of Beyond Death’s Door. . . that I have is a hardback copy printed in 1978. It was already in it’s fifth printing. The book has been reprinted several times since that date. The latest edition is a paperback version that was published in 2008. I’ve included a link below, again from Amazon, for your convenience, should you decide to order this book.

Book Review for Beyond Death’s Door by Maurice Rawlings, M.D. –review ©2009 by Judy Vandiver