Friday, October 16, 2009

Teacakes and Memories

Teacakes and Memories
By Judy Vandiver

I made a batch of teacakes this week. A simple thing to do. A plain cookie to eat. But they brought back some wonderful memories. My Aunt Teppy was a master teacake baker, and I used a recipe she handed down to me years ago. Mine didn’t rival hers, nevertheless, they were good and they made me smile.

When I was growing up, Aunt Teppy would call the house and tell Mother she had made teacakes. Mother usually responded, “Put on a pot of coffee. I’ll be right over.”

She’d gather up the four kids and we’d drive to Valerie Street. Once we arrived at my aunt’s house, she would pour glasses of milk and pass out teacakes to the kids. Then she and Mother would sit in the kitchen, dunking their teacakes in coffee, letting them get good and soft,  and enjoying the sweet treats. The two sisters would chat, laugh, and eat more teacakes.

My siblings and I would sit in the small den, dunking our own cookies in our milk. We tried to imitate the grown-ups and would occasionally ask for our milk to be poured into coffee cups. We smiled, we laughed, and we asked if we could have more teacakes.

Aunt Teppy was never stingy with her teacakes. She knew she could always make more. Besides, I think it gave her pleasure to see us enjoy them.

Aunt Teppy went to be with the Lord last year. I miss her. And I know Mother misses her, too. So, when I made teacakes this week, I called her. “I just made teacakes,” I said.

“Put on a pot of coffee. I’ll be right over.”  She and Dad were soon there. We poured our coffee. We dunked our cookies.  We chatted. We laughed. And we had more teacakes.

I work from home and I stay fairly busy.  But I’m glad I took the time to do a bit of baking and enjoy the important things in life.  Some things just go better with teacakes. Like family, friends, and memories.

Teacakes and Memories  - copyright 2009 by Judy Vandiver